Keep America High!™


Be a part of the movement, to legalize marijuana nationwide. We will keep you updated on the national and state issues through the Pledge to vote and support the Marijuana Policy Project by getting Keep America High!™ gear.

Who is Don of Dabs?


You know me as the DON of DABS, the KING of POT, Social Media GIANT, Custom Grow 420, but Joelie Olie is my name. I’m excited about my first ever FAN store! Beyond all the collabs, I NOW have a CUSTOM 420 Store where you can pick up great quality and amazing Custom Grow 420 merch!

I’ve formed a partnership with Keep America High™ (A Get Down Art company) to help me create some fresh merch for people to wear as well as product collabs. They work with tons of big dogs like Pink Floyd and AC / DC as well as Zong and Graffixx. I’m super excited for everything that's coming.   

Be sure to scoop up the items you like FAST, because many items will be limited runs, and or time released!  Be sure to check back often!

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